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Spider-man Extravaganza

Want to know how we’ve spent the past two Sunday afternoons around our house?  Dressing up in Spiderman costumes for special Spiderman toy fun!  The kids love to play with superhero toys, and Spiderman is a mutual favorite.  Well, Max is slightly obsessed with Captain America, but Spidey runs a close second for him.  
We unboxed a total of six toy series, and overall our favorite was the Marvel Superheros Mr. Potato Head Mixable Mashable.  The pieces were very easy for two-year-old Max to manipulate.  When we finally got him to consider mixing up his Captain America, he had a blast creating a variety of Potato Head mash-ups.  Each Potato Head has a different facial expression, so it’s fun to match them to dramatic play.  The boys have also had fun making Play-doh accessories for the guys.  Interestingly, our old original Mr. Potato Head was placed into a donation box last month when we cleared out toys that weren’t being used.  

Our next favorite new Spiderman toy is the Marvel Mashers Spiderman with Sky Crawler.  Max already had a collection of the Marvel Mashers superheroes that he received for Christmas.  The Sky Crawler is our first vehicle for the set, and it’s high action.  There are a lot of missile launching attachments, a custom light-blue colored Spidey, and a bonus Hulk head and hands for mashing.  Most of the vehicle toys in our home are Hot Wheels cars, which of course are tons of fun.  However, Max has been thrilled to have a vehicle that can accommodate his heroes, plus our video editor has been having fun incorporating it into special effects.

Feepy really enjoys the Amazing Spider-man Mega Blaster Web and Water Shooter.  He had a lot of fun creating action stunts for the camera.  The set includes a glove (which he didn’t need with his costume), an arm strap with spray adapter, a can of silly string, and a water bottle.  It took some fumbling to get the can attached correctly, but once it was snapped into place, Feepy could easily aim and shoot the web.  The quality of the silly string was good, not too wet, and not too dry.  It cleaned up easily after the video shoot.  Feepy plans to save the silly string for video shoots (replacement cans cost about $5) and use the water bottle for outside play during the summer.  This toy would be a great final touch for Halloween or other costumed event.  It is a novelty item, and perhaps not much of an everyday play toy.  

We also tried out the Spiderman Titan Hero Series Spiderman with Web copter.   The set comes with a large, 12-inch Spiderman figure and an assembly-required helicopter vehicle.  The doll is nice and sturdy, but the bendable joints were too solid for little Max to manipulate.  The vehicle was easy to build, but the handle attachment became easily detached.  The toy looked so cool, but we were underwhelmed by the function.

The Spiderman Battle Masters got rave reviews from Feepy.  He put it up against his Transformers toys from the same line.  Battle Masters are simple plastic punching characters that snap onto control bases.  Two or more opponents can play a boxing style match.  The control base for the Transformers uses trigger-style action, while the Spiderman uses game-console-style thumb action.  The Spiderman controller seemed easier to use.  
Finally, we rolled out our Spiderman Squinkies dispenser.  This is definitely and item for collectors.  The boys loved it because it was like having a vending machine at home.  The hard-to-find set came with four Marvel Squinkies, to include a super cute Spiderman.  We’re brainstorming more fun ways to incorporate the Spiderman toy dispenser into surprise toy videos!      
Speaking of surprise toy videos, here are Spider-man and Spider-boy opening Spiderman surprise eggs!


What’s the Deal with Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig is a crazy popular Internet search. Who knew? She’s just not an everyday find for us. No Peppa balloons at supermarket checkout, no backpacks at school, no playsets at our local Target, no blind bags at Walgreens. Peppa Pig has not been on our radar, but she is now. And we couldn’t be more excited. It’s a fun challenge to find Peppa pig items to play with and review, and to top it off, they are really, really cute! We look forward to regularly incorporating Peppa Pig into our YouTube channel.

To get us started, we created a Peppa Pig Play-doh surprise egg, And we think she turned out really well. It was definitely a challenge to get the snout to point at the right angle. We paired Peppa along with Disney Princess Jasmine and her pet tiger, Rajah. Inside the two small eggs were Disney Frozen Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Disney Princess Jasmine was filled with many small treasures called Squinkies.

We remember a few years back when one of Feepy’s friends collected Squinkies. We got her a set for her birthday, but didn’t really look into them much at the time. They are really cute. Our little one went crazy for them. The penguin Squinkie did not make it into the video because our little one had to have it. He shoved it inside his own little surprise egg that he has been carrying around for the past several days. The Squinkies are tiny, and labeled for children three years and up. The Squinkies would make great little potty training or chore rewards for children who would not put them in their mouths. We purchased series 12 for around $6 at Walgreens. Collectors have various sets on sale at eBay. What creative play do your little ones do with Squinkies? How do you display your collection? What’s your favorite little figure?