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Spiderman, Play-doh, Disney Frozen, Peppa Pig… all fantastic material to create a fun and popular toy video on YouTube. However, there is one little item with powerful allure that makes every video better. The Chocolate Kinder Surprise Egg.

In case you’re not familiar with them, Kinder Eggs are manufactured by an Italian confection company (the maker of Nutella) and sold throughout Europe and worldwide. They’re made of a hollow milk chocolate shell that surrounds a white chocolate a shell. Inside is a plastic capsule with a tiny trinket, game, or puzzle – basically a really cool toy. The egg is wrapped in a bright, decorative foil. From the egg unwrapping to building and displaying the toy surprise, Kinder Eggs create Christmas-morning suspense and excellent toy video drama.

As soon as we started our YouTube channel, we began research on where to buy Kinder Surprise Eggs. We were shocked by the information that we found. Kinder eggs are banned in the United States, and they have been for decades, citing a 1938 FDA rule that disallows inedible objects within a food item. Recently, other chocolate surprise eggs using modified egg and toy designs have been approved for sale in the United States, but the original (and best) Kinder egg has not. Darn, were we disappointed. We had experienced Kinder eggs in Italy years ago when we were there during military service, and we were so anxious to relive the fun with the kids.

So, who knew…well-meaning grandmas and die-hard Kinder lovers have been smuggling surprise eggs into the US? We read a report that each smuggled egg could be worth a $2500 fine. There’s even a short film about one man’s love of Kinder eggs called “Crooked Candy.”

What were we to do? How could we incorporate Kinder into our videos? Our solution was to order a bulk lot of unopened toy capsules from eBay. Yes, sadly that meant no chocolate shell. We’d have to substitute it with Play-doh or some other fun activity.

Our first video to incorporate the Kinder toy capsules was a real smash featuring Hulk and Captain America.

The Toy Toons Reviews kids were IN LOVE with the Kinder toys. Something about a trinket inside a capsule. I’m sure they’d consider them well worth a possible $2500 fine had the luscious chocolate been included.

We decided to have Max take full reign with the next round of Kinder opening. He was absolutely thrilled, and he did such a great job!

So far we’ve opened 8 of the 35 toy capsules in our lot. An upcoming video includes a couple of repeated toys. All of the toys seem to be modern designs. The eBay description said that some capsules could date back about 20 years. We’re hoping for some vintage Kinder. It’d be really cool if we’d replicate a toy that we remember from our Army days!


She’s finally here, my very first Peppa pig toy!  She’s just a minifigure, but I’m so excited to add her to our Toy Tunes Reviews collection.  I know there are a lot of Peppa Pig fans out there, so I want to create some very special play fun with her.  Be on the lookout!

Peppa made her first appearance in a Hello Kitty surprise lunchbox.

Now, I’m waiting for my first shipment of Kinder egg capsules to arrive.  I have so many fun ideas to jazz them up to create colorful and exciting surprise egg videos.  Kinder surprise toys are so unpredictable.  Silly little trinkets!

Years ago we lived overseas as a military family.  We have fond memories of being introduced to the magic that is the Kinder egg.  Just as folks would collect coins from various commanders, they would collect and display Kinder egg toys on their desks.

Now, the order that I’m waiting for is the unopened toy capsules only.  The chocolate has been removed.  I have some supplies to make home-made chocolate surprise eggs, but I don’t know how many I’ll be attempting to make.

My first egg attempt is still hanging out in the freezer.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll  wrap it up and put in in a video.  It’s not as pretty as a real Kinder egg.  For now, I’ll just continue to bask in the glory of my very first Peppa Pig!

What’s the Deal with Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig is a crazy popular Internet search. Who knew? She’s just not an everyday find for us. No Peppa balloons at supermarket checkout, no backpacks at school, no playsets at our local Target, no blind bags at Walgreens. Peppa Pig has not been on our radar, but she is now. And we couldn’t be more excited. It’s a fun challenge to find Peppa pig items to play with and review, and to top it off, they are really, really cute! We look forward to regularly incorporating Peppa Pig into our YouTube channel.

To get us started, we created a Peppa Pig Play-doh surprise egg, And we think she turned out really well. It was definitely a challenge to get the snout to point at the right angle. We paired Peppa along with Disney Princess Jasmine and her pet tiger, Rajah. Inside the two small eggs were Disney Frozen Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Disney Princess Jasmine was filled with many small treasures called Squinkies.

We remember a few years back when one of Feepy’s friends collected Squinkies. We got her a set for her birthday, but didn’t really look into them much at the time. They are really cute. Our little one went crazy for them. The penguin Squinkie did not make it into the video because our little one had to have it. He shoved it inside his own little surprise egg that he has been carrying around for the past several days. The Squinkies are tiny, and labeled for children three years and up. The Squinkies would make great little potty training or chore rewards for children who would not put them in their mouths. We purchased series 12 for around $6 at Walgreens. Collectors have various sets on sale at eBay. What creative play do your little ones do with Squinkies? How do you display your collection? What’s your favorite little figure?