Play-Doh Marvel Can-Heads Featuring Spider-Man and Green Goblin

Play-doh Marvel Can-heads Spider-man & Green Goblin set is an excellent add-on to the Can-heads collection.  Right out of the box, the Spider-man is a fun action figure because he comes with a little blue sword.  The Spidey can is filled with blue play-doh for modeling spiders from the mold under his foot-base attachment.  Our little one was immediately in love with this particular can-head, and the mold was relatively easy for him to do.

The Green Goblin features green play-doh and a cool gold base, perfect for hovering and flying maneuvers.  His molds include a jack-o-lantern on the foot-base, as well as a hornet, a sword, and a belt on the gold base.

For some reason, the play-doh in this set seemed stickier than usual, and it took a good while of playtime for it to be molded easily.  We joined the two super heroes with the other set in our collection, Smashdown Hulk with Ironman for a great day filled with play-doh fun.  The Marvel Can-heads by play-doh are fun for the entire family.

Check out the play action here:

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4 thoughts on “Play-Doh Marvel Can-Heads Featuring Spider-Man and Green Goblin”

  1. Thank you so much for your question. We have actually found the Play-doh Marvel Can-heads to be the set that has encouraged the most creative play of any that we’ve ever tried in our home! Perhaps it’s because we have two superhero-crazed boys. Our little one plays with the can-heads daily. Much of the time he is playing independently while using the toys as action figures. As far as creativity with the dough, the boys do love the various molds on the toys, but they have come up with plenty of their own ideas. They’ve made spider webs, lots of superhero accessories, and a pile of Mickey cookies for Hulk to smash. We give the Can-heads two thumbs up!

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